This is Black Phoenix, the first QL distribution entirely produced by Quantum Technology.
Black Phoenix is totally based on freeware produced over the years by several QL users and is offered free only.
But what’s exactly a distribution?
Distribution software (abbr. “distro”) defines a software collection related to one or more applicative areas, selected and distributed as a single package.
The main feature of a distribution software is its configuration designed to create a work environment variously consistent, according to one or more shared features. The main philosophy is: the operating system is the combination of all the required softwares to get the full hardware utilization.
During the 30 life years of the QL, despite its low spread and the total lack of interest of its creators, the users community released several softwares, sometimes on a professional level, contributing to improve and develop the original OS.
But this has always been the result of individual efforts and skills, projects designed by single persons and developed with extremely limited resources, frequently incomplete and totally disconnected each other.
Our work for this distribution was to collect the most noteworthy projects in order to try to offer an integrated and consistent system.
With the softwares are given also the installation packages for each application (.zip format), plus some documents.

How does it works?

Black Phoenix is a ready-to-use hard disk in .win format, no installation needed. At the first start simply choose your language; however, the language can be changed anytime. An ad hoc graphic theme is preset also, as a means to make the various programs look as uniform as possible; in any case is possible to change the desktop aspect choosing from among over thirty included preset themes.

Since this is a miscellaneous softwares collection, some programs behave in different ways, e.g. when an application can’t offer multi-language support, English is chosen by default; when another application can’t match the color range of the chosen theme, it maintains its own default colors.

Releases and distributions

This is the first release of Black Phoenix, identified by number 1.0.0. Each release (or version) is named “rebirth”, therefore this is “rebirth 1.0.0”.
The numeration has the following meaning:

- the increase of the first parameter express the addition of new software;
- the increase of the second parameter express the addition of documentation;
- the increase of the third parameter express that some bugs have been fixed.

Black Phoenix contents

In addition to the BOOT system file, the distro contains the following directories:

SYS_          contains all the extensions and configuration programs necessary to the distro operation.
PRG_          contains several additional applications for the distribution.
DOCS_       contains the system documentation.
INSTALL_   contains the compressed packages of all applications.
TEMP_        temporary support directory.

Meaning of the name

Why did we choose this name? The reference to the Phoenix intend to be favorable: as the Phoenix rises from its ashes, as Quantum Technology team hopes for a new rebirth for QL and its operating system. “Black” has been added referring to QL original color.